In order to comply with the provisions of the Federal law of protection of personal data in possession of individuals (the "Law") and its regulations, to PHENOMA, S. C. And PHENOMA services, S.DE R.L. DE C.V. as well as its subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies (hereinafter and identified as "PHENOMA" altogether) tell you that at PHENOMA we protect and safeguard your personal data to prevent the damage, loss, destruction as well as the processing of your personal data. PHENOMA, residing at Champs-Élysées No. 68, Colonia Polanco, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, in the City of Mexico, Mexico, Federal District, acting as head of its personal data.

Hereby you are informed of the terms and conditions of the notice of privacy of personal data (the "privacy notice") of PHENOMA.

This privacy notice applies to the web sites, offices, premises, as well as the services of recruitment, research and training provided by PHENOMA.



At the time that you, free and voluntarily enter your personal details on any of our web pages; provide them freely, either that these communicate us them verbally, by physical or electronic means in free or special format (altogether hereinafter referred to as "Forms"), you expressly understand and agree that such personal data be employed according to the terms and conditions of this privacy notice.

The personal data that we collect through forms, you may include but not limited to but not limited:
(i) personal data, such as: name, address, phone, age, email, among others
(ii) financial data, and/or
(iii) sensitive data.

For third parties whose personal data we collect from you, we also take the measures of security and confidentiality for the treatment of your information, in accordance with the terms and conditions in this privacy notice.



The personal data that we collect from you through the use of formats, are incorporated into our base data and for the following purposes: (i) for purposes of identification and verification, (ii) provide services, products, advice and information you have requested, (iii) inform you about changes in the same, (iv) inform about new products and services and (v) assess the quality of the service we provide you.

Your data can be transferred and processed inside and outside the country, by anyone other than a PHENOMA. In this respect your personal data can be shared with other companies, in order to complete PHENOMA social order, including consultancy and advice, as well as the elaboration of different studies on market, companies who have communicated them privacy notice, and/or those who have concluded contracts with clauses of confidentiality and protection of personal datain order to comply with the provision of any service contracted by such companies, and complete obligations between PHENOMA and you, and provide you with the necessary information, as he has needed it; the transfer of information for verification that the information you provide is truthful and current can also be made.

In order to complete the obligation of PHENOMA with you, PHENOMA may make the transfer of your personal data to any third party (s) without a commercial or unlawful purpose, but only to comply with the provision of the services contracted. Similarly, PHENOMA may without commercial purpose, share or transmit your personal data with its subsidiaries or affiliated companies companies for the same purposes set out here. In any case we will market, sell, or lease personal information about you to a third party without a prior consent of the party. Any transfer of personal data that PHENOMA carried out, shall be solely for the purposes permitted by law. If you not manifested their express opposition, means that it has given its consent to the transmission of your data.

The personal data you provide to PHENOMA, may compile and look at a database exclusive property of PHENOMA.

The links to external sites of PHENOMA portals, are not responsibility of PHENOMA, so it does not assume any responsibility for the content and privacy practices on these sites.



PHENOMA has implemented security measures administrative, technical and physical to protect your data personal, we also demand are met by service providers that we hire.

All aggregate information and personal data obtained from you through the use of formats, can compile and set in order to create a database exclusive property of PHENOMA; This information is stored to protect and prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration. However this PHENOMA in no way guarantee its security, nor that the same can be intercepted, altered, or removed by third parties when traveling over the internet.

PHENOMA may use "cookies" or "web beacons" to confirm your ID to access our sites, in order to provide you with a personalized service. Through the use of "cookies", we do not collect personal data of the users.



You as the owner of the data provided, can exercise the rights of access, modification, cancellation and/or opposition to the processing of personal data (hereinafter "ARC rights"), as well as revoke your consent that we have been granted for this purpose.
In order to exercise their rights to arc, you must direct your request to the "Department of protection of personal data", who is responsible for the management and administration of personal data; and who can be contacted via e-mail:, phone (55) 5255 1852, or directly in our offices, located in Champs-Élysées No. 68, Colonia Polanco, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, in the city of Mexico, Mexico, Federal District.

The request must be it in terms of article 29 (twenty-nine) of the Act, i.e. must contain at least: (a) name and address or other means to communicate the response to your request, e-mail preference; (b) documents certifying their identity or, where appropriate, the legal representation; (c) description clear and accurate personal data regard that prompted to exercise any of the ARC, (d) demonstration Rights expresses to revoke your consent to the processing of personal data and therefore, for that unused; (e) any other element which facilitates the location of personal data.

For the case that the application is submitted by a person other than you, you must submit letter can be issued by the owner of personal data, signed before two witnesses and attaching a copy of the official identification of you and of the legal representative.



PHENOMA reserves the right to make future changes to this privacy notice, to comply with legal reforms or changes to internal policies. Such changes will be communicated by PHENOMA, via e-mail to the address provided by you or through a publication on the page

This privacy notice was last updated date: 12/11/2013.